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Workshop cum Training on Integrated and Digital Library Management System was organized by Library and Informatics Section, Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute, Barrackpore under NAIP Sub-Project on e-Granth on 21st December, 2013. Dr. A. K. Jain, CPI, NAIP e-GRANTH project and Dr. H. Chandrasekharan, CPI, NAIP CeRA project were present in the workshop. Dr. A. K. Jain gave an overview of e-Granth project and mentioned that it is the platform by which all the non-subscribed library resources under NARS system will be attempted to make available for public use through Agricat and Krishikosh. He mentioned that all the partner libraries are asked to use free library management software KOHA. Dr. H. Chandrasekharan discussed about different services of Consortium of eResources in Agriculture (CeRA) for downloading published papers in subscribed journals and clarified how we can use it in a better way. He also mentioned about Institute wise use of the CeRA resources in this region. Prof. A. P. Sharma, Director, CIFRI, Barrackpore lauded the effort made under eGranth project and mentioned that it will certainly reduce the time spent for searching relevant scientific literature. He also thanked Dr. Jain for considering CIFRI as a partner of this important project.

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